"how will we ever get out of this labyrinth..."

i'm just your ordinary girl who lives in the middle of nowhere. my best friends are my hugging pillow, water bottle and my pet fish, swimmy, who died 4 years ago. i like to use big words that sound right in my head but may actually be incorrect with the syntax (: have a lovely day, everyone <3

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i don’t know why, but he always did this thing where he would say “i love you” and then hang up the phone before i could answer him. maybe it was because he didn’t want me to feel obligated to say it back if i didn’t feel the same way. but what he doesn’t know is, every time he did that, i would stay on the empty line for a bit and say “i love you too, sweetheart. i love you too.”

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i’m checking out all new followers, and following back tons!

"Anyone who takes the time to be kind is beautiful."

- Richelle E. Goodrich  (via sowintergirl)

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"Never text him when you’re sad."

- Six word story (words I need to tell myself)

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I have a very big crush on u but sadly I am only a little bug and u are a garden

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Bowser practicing his roar.

Anonymous asked: Do you love anyone?


I have some serious feelings for a girl who doesn’t like me back but oh well I would rather stay friends than lose her all together 

grr. just thinking about this tears me apart…

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